Your gift of compassion today could be the most important present you give this Christmas.

A gift today could pay for vital emotional and practical support from Contact RNID for someone coping with tinnitus.

With your help, Christmas can be a brighter time for someone who, more than anything, needs to be supported, heard and understood. 

Linda's Story

"Glen’s death 12 years ago should never have happened. Overnight, he developed severe tinnitus, filling his head with a constant stream of various loud sounds. If he’d had the help and understanding he desperately needed, I wouldn’t be speaking to you today. 

I won’t be silent about the fact that Glen killed himself. It’s a minority of people who get tinnitus so severely that they spiral into an emotional crisis – but those who do really need our help. 

That’s why access to a free, confidential helpline like Contact RNID is so important.

Speaking to someone who truly understands and can give you practical help and emotional support can be lifesaving."

How your donations are changing lives

On average, every £1 we invest in research generates £6 of further funding.         

For every £1 we receive, 88p goes to help people who are deaf, have hearing loss, or tinnitus.