Donate today and you could provide life changing advice and support to some of the 18 million people in the UK who are deaf, or living with hearing loss and tinnitus.

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  • provide essential services for deaf people and those with hearing loss and tinnitus.
  • fund research that is constantly looking for new and better treatments.
  • help us campaign to make society more inclusive for deaf people, or those living with hearing loss or tinnitus.

Together we can help transform lives.

"A few years ago my hearing deteriorated. I was referred to the hospital where I was fitted with two hearing aids but I couldn’t get used to them.

I contacted RNID and spoke to Melissa, a Hearing Aid Liaison Officer. Right from the start, there was empathy there. She listened and she understood what I was saying as she has hearing loss herself and she arranged to come and visit me. She realised what was wrong as she’d had the same problem with her own hearing aids. My glasses were pushing the hearing aids out of place.

Melissa spent an hour and a half with me, making adjustments and taking photos. Knowing that organisations like RNID are available to offer support is so important."


How your donations are changing lives

On average, every £1 we invest in research generates £6 of further funding.         

For every £1 we receive, 88p goes to help people who are deaf, have hearing loss, or tinnitus.